Don’t rely on spreadsheets to manage complex and sensitive entity data

Seventy-seven percent of entity management professionals rely on spreadsheets or home-grown tools to manage their corporate entities. This approach is time-consuming, prone to error, and more likely to expose your company to unnecessary risk.
A purpose-built solution, like Diligent Entities, provides:

  • Efficient and consistent entity management processes
  • Support regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions
  • Enhanced data security for sensitive entity information

Are you using password protected PDFs and spreadsheets to manage entities? There is a better way.

Diligent Entities is a purpose-built entity management platform that’s easier to use, more efficient and secure.

  • EASY
Ease of Use
Conduct entity management activities from a consolidated corporate record on a platform that serves as a single source of truth. With Diligent Entities, you can also maintain an auditable record of entity data, create reminders, and expedite document assembly to a remain a step ahead of key filing dates.
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Conducting Entity Management Activities
Operational Efficiency
Establish more efficient entity management practices by making it easy to gain clear insight into your organization’s legal structure. Expedite cumbersome tasks with electronic filing and automation.
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Reviewing Entity Management Practices
Enhanced Security
Keep sensitive information on a need-to-know basis with role-based permissions and secure file-sharing. And stay on top of potential risks hiding across the corporate record with Risk Intelligence Data.
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Managing Corporate Records

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