Build & Maintain a Credible, Defensible Program

Gain access to reliable, effective due diligence intelligence.

  • Leverage a global team of analysts and investigators to conduct enhanced screenings from open-source desktop research to boots-on-the-ground field investigations
  • Conduct risk-based, fixed-cost diligence aligned to global regulatory requirements
  • Provide critical insights for the onboarding of third parties, vendors, customers and suppliers

See how Diligent helps organizations build a seamless, comprehensive and global due diligence program.

Analyst-Driven Intelligence

Access business intelligence reports based on in-depth online research and human analysis using open sources.

  • Leverage a team of over 300 highly-trained global analysts with backgrounds in legal services, law enforcement and government intelligence
  • Get comprehensive local and global reports, so even obscure findings are identified
  • Access reports specific to evaluating risk related to beneficial ownership, anti-bribery/anti-corruption, ESG and more

Go Beyond “Check the Box” Compliance

Enhanced due diligence offerings to ensure that you comply with today’s regulatory standards.

  • Conduct extensive local, in-country investigations into your highest risk third parties – all conducted in English and the local language
  • Access local and national criminal, financial and ownership records
  • Verify with a site assessment to ensure the partner’s business is operating in the location listed