Adam Berger

Adam Berger serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Diligent.

Following a 32-year operating career, Adam joined Insight Partners as a Managing Director in January 2018. Immediately prior to joining Insight, Adam served as Chairman and CEO of Digital Room Incorporated (“DRI”), an Insight portfolio company sold in 2017. During his tenure at DRI and continuing upon joining Insight, Adam served as Chairman, board member or interim CEO for several Insight portfolio companies including Campaign Monitor, Diligent, E2Open, and Virgin Pulse (2018 exit) where he helped guide transformational efforts. Today Adam also serves as Chairman of Achieve3000, Illuminate, PDI Software and Vela, and as Executive Chairman of Episerver.

Prior operating roles included Chairman, CEO or President of various public and private companies including Spark Networks, Inc. and The Franklin Mint. Adam also served as a board member of PeopleSupport (pre and post IPO) and Pictage. Following graduation from UC Berkeley with a BS in Chemical Engineering, Adam began his career at The Procter and Gamble Company initially in Product Development and then in Brand Management. After earning an MBA with distinction from Harvard’s Business School, Adam worked for The Boston Consulting Group serving consumer and industrial clients in strategy, M&A and operations engagements. Adam resides in California.