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Diligent Joins Initiative to Promote a More Inclusive Customer Success Industry

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Diligent is pleased to announce it is one of 25 Charter Partners who are blazing a trail as the first companies committed to the CS YOU Program, an initiative focused on investing in a more inclusive Customer Success industry. Through a partnership between Gainsight and SV Academy, the CS YOU program offers training and placement in entry-level Customer Success Associate roles.

The role of the Customer Success Manager (CSM) has become one of the hottest careers in Technology as the 6th-most promising job in the world. Currently, 72% of CSM professionals work in the Software and IT industry and, by Gainsight's estimate, only about 8% of CSMs are Black or LatinX-significantly below the US population. The launch of the CS YOU program will fuel the top of the funnel with an inclusive pool of outstanding CS talent.

'Diligent recognizes the need to build a more diverse pool of Customer Success talent,' said Avigail Dadone, Chief People Officer at Diligent. 'As part of this initiative, we will fund comprehensive training and placement for underrepresented candidates in entry-level Customer Success Associate roles. It's a win-win.'

As a Charter Partner, Diligent helps to fund the SV Academy tuition and will benefit from the contributions of the graduating cohort through paid internships and the opportunity for full-time placement of well-qualified candidates in Customer Success roles within the company.

'Through the CS YOU initiative, Diligent is taking an active role in driving positive change in the customer success industry,' said Nick Flynn, Senior Vice President, Customer Success at Diligent. 'When we work together to promote inclusivity, we are more successful as a company, as an industry, and as a community.'

Gainsight, SV Academy, Insight Partners, and the Charter Partners are united in the mission to expand wages and create an inclusive Customer Success industry representing people of all backgrounds.