Introducing Modern Leadership

At Diligent, we feel a powerful call to help our customers diversify their leadership and modernize governance for a stronger future for all stakeholders. In light of recent events, we feel an urgency to drive this change at a faster rate and while we many never heal past wrongs, we are compelled to take meaningful action now to create a better future.

Setting the tone for change must come from the top. You’ve heard us talk about the imperative of modern governance – the technology, insights and process to fuel good governance. Likewise, modern governance requires modern leadership – bringing diverse viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences that create a richer fabric for guidance and decision making.  And we urgently need these expanded viewpoints in board rooms today.

To fuel this change, Diligent is introducing Modern Leadership – a new initiative that provides senior leaders with resources, insights, partnerships, and technology to further catalyze diversity within their organisations and modernize governance practices.

Central to Modern Leadership is the Diligent Director Network – the largest and most diverse community of highly-qualified, board-ready executives globally, accompanied by an expansive list of posted board opportunities. We are calling upon Diligent’s network of nearly 700,000 directors and leaders to nominate board-ready diverse executives to build a database of largely untapped talent. Director Network is developed through strategic partnerships with diversity-focused organisations, recruiting firms, and private equity firms as their unique commitment and collective community enables additional opportunities for networking and insights via Modern Leadership.

Director Network will be free to Diligent Boards customers and those rising directors who have been recommended through the Network as board-ready candidates. As always, Diligent will continue to build the best data analytics solutions that inform every board on how they are performing, including comparisons to peers and best practices. However, this effort is not about economics. It is 100% focused on making us all more inclusive, and more effective, right now.

Beyond technology, leaders are looking for guidance on board and executive practices to modernize governance. Over the months and years ahead, Modern Leadership will deliver those resources to mobilize change – with the hope that together we can deliver on the promise of a diverse future where organisations, employees, and the community thrive and succeed together.

When we’re successful, we’ll see hundreds and thousands of public and private companies with more diverse boards. We’ll see more inclusivity in the C-Suite. And we don’t intend to stop until we see that change. We are learning alongside you in this journey towards equity and we welcome any feedback to help advance the cause (