Stop delivering boring compliance training

Compliance & Ethics Training is a set of powerful content based on behavior-change science that grabs your employees’ attention. Organizations with a global presence need an effective compliance program that reduces business risk. Language and cultural differences present serious challenges for effective compliance communication. Our tools allow your compliance training to overcome global communication obstacles by:

  • Utilizing a diverse mix of compliance content that increases awareness
  • Offering resources in more than 50+ languages, plus additional translation capabilities for 100+ languages
  • Simplifying the task of engaging employees and third parties around the world with materials in multiple languages.

Unlimited access to our evolving library of over 4,000 training videos, tools and modules curated by subject-matter experts

Behavior Change Science and Compliance

Have you considered how to truly change the behavior of your employees? Some organizations find it challenging to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their compliance program. Diligent’s approach to effective education and training utilizes Behavior Change Science techniques used by dozens of Fortune 1000 companies like Microsoft, General Motors, and Merck & Co. Review our whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The DOJ's new requirements for compliance training and how behavior change science plays a role
  • 5 key behavior change strategies identified as being particularly effective to compliance programs
  • The effects and use of pattern interrupts
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Conducting Entity Management Activities
Harassment & Discrimination
Keep your program effective and up-to-date by adding compelling microlearning to your compliance training program. Explore a short training video covering Harassment & Discrimination from our industry-leading microlearning Libraries to get a closer look at how microlearning can benefit your compliance program.
Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Reviewing Entity Management Practices
Engaging Training

Take the pain out of your employees' compliance training experience with communication that they will actually look forward to receiving.

Check out these eye-catching customizable cartoons covering dozens of compliance topics available in the Compliance and Ethics Training Microlearning Libraries that are used by over 500 of our industry-leading members. 

Diligent Entities Product on Laptop - Managing Corporate Records

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