diligent MANZAMA for advisory & legal research

Simplify Market Insights

To grow and maintain relationships, advisory and law firms need to stay up to speed on developments within their clients’ industries. Sifting through market intelligence for actionable insights is a time-consuming challenge. But it doesn’t have to be.

  •  Maintain your knowledge and expertise with automated content discovery, analysis and evaluation
  •  Provide current awareness, monitoring and alerting capabilities to all individuals and teams across the organization
  •  Free up time to focus on delivering the best client experience possible

Fuel Your Current Awareness

Simplify the research process – from locating opportunities and identifying risks to managing sources, content and searches.

  • Spot opportunity when it arises by monitoring deal activity and personnel movements
  • Manage news sources across individuals and teams, and control the flow of information as you see fit
  • Create, layer and save bespoke searches, and distribute them across the entire firm
Diligent GRC Solutions
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Foley & Lardner LLP Unifies Its Business Intelligence

"Diligent Manzama analytics have allowed us to isolate trends in general manufacturing and then drill down to aspects of next-generation manufacturing. We can then aggregate and share intelligence targeted to specific industries.”

Jeffrey A. Bois
Director of Research & Information Services,
Foley & Lardner LLP
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To ensure your advisory firm has a full picture of market opportunities and competitive threats, apply this investigative framing to your information-gathering and analytical activities.
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A robust, well-designed software platform can help all manner of business development teams gain a competitive edge. Here's what to look for in competitive intelligence software.
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