Russell 3000 Pandemic Report Vol. 2: Will the Dust Settle?

Aarthi Natarajan
2020 may be behind us, but the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the economy continues to be felt. While some businesses are well on the road to recovery, others are continuing to struggle. As such, many are implementing cost containing measures - from furloughs to salary freezes - in order to stay afloat.

As such, during a time when employees and the bottom line are taking a hit, questions around the issue of executive compensation are more prevalent - and more pressing - than ever.

In our latest report, we take a look at the actions to executive compensation companies listed on the Russell 3000 index have taken due to COVID-19. The report examines:

  • Companies with compensation adjustments on a sector-by-sector basis
  • Adjustments to executive and board of director compensation
  • Annualized base salary reduction at executive and director level
  • The industries hardest hit by pay reductions
  • Whether enough action is truly being taken

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