How Diligent Minutes Can Improve Boardroom Meeting Minutes

John Habib

About The White Paper

Taking minutes at a board meeting is often viewed as a cumbersome, time-consuming task. With information leaks and cyber breaches on the rise in today's business environment, organizations also put themselves at risk by recording minutes manually. Diligent Corporation offers an efficient tool designed to streamline and secure the minute-taking process. With Diligent Minutes, the newest addition to Diligent's Governance Cloud, board administrators can enjoy intuitive features such as:

  • Minutes template auto-generated directly from the Diligent Boards platform
  • Follow existing workflow for more structured minutes
  • Assign and send actions to meeting attendees via email
  • Export minutes to Word or back into Diligent Boards
...and much more!

Download this white paper to learn how else Diligent Minutes can benefit you and your organization.