How Board Directors Can Lead the Digital Transformation in the Boardroom

John Habib

Providing the Right Tools for Directors in a Digital Business

As organizations become more agile, reduce cycle times and adopt analytics-driven processes, corporate boards must also respond to the impact of digital transformation and work to position themselves as real-time entities. When a boardroom becomes 'digital,' the technology must support the resulting changes to the director's role and activities. As digital transformation is quite likely the next major industrial trend, it is key for board directors to understand the advantages of digitization and how to use it to be more effective in fulfilling their responsibilities.

In this White Paper, we will discuss:

  • The scope and importance of secure enterprise governance management
  • The core benefits of boardroom technology for board members
  • How to stay protected amidst new legal and compliance demands
  • The business case for board portals and Diligent's Governance Cloud

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