How Board Administrators Can Lead the Digital Transformation in the Boardroom

Lena Eisenstein
Enabling the Corporate Secretary and the General Counsel to Improve Governance Through Boardroom Technology

Digital transformation and new technology is rapidly changing each aspect of an organization, greatly impacting how boards of directors operate. For corporate boards, understanding how to use technology to drive more benefit to an organization is of the utmost importance. Enterprise Governance Management (EGM) is an emerging corporate discipline that utilizes modern technology to deliver the right tools to support the board and its activities. With effective board management software, boards will become more engaged and will more effectively be able to cover more issues with increased agility and quicker reactions. The right boardroom technology provides boards with the ability to improve governance and overall board performance.

In this White Paper, we will discuss:

  • How the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary are positioned to drive the implementation of effective EGM software
  • Key benefits of an integrated enterprise governance management solution, like Diligent's Governance Cloud
  • How to present and argue for an integrated governance solution in the boardroom

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