ESG Planning and Performance Survey

Sherrie Gonzalez

Diligent and the global nonprofit think tank OCEG undertook a survey to assess the current state of ESG planning and activity. We looked at how organizations are addressing Environmental, Social and Governance reporting requirements, who in the organization is involved in managing ESG and how both GRC capabilities and technologies support ESG efforts today.

Now more than ever, a considered approach to ESG is essential for organizations of all sizes. ESG permeates organizations at every level and remains at the top of the agenda for an array of interested (and invested) parties, from shareholders and suppliers to regulators, customers and employees.

As a result of an ongoing global pandemic, continued social justice issues, geopolitical risk, intense regulatory scrutiny and more, the spotlight on ESG remains bright – and will likely continue to get brighter. The findings of this research survey crystallize the thinking around many of these issues and highlights where progress has been made – and where there is still work to be done.

Download now for detailed insight on:

  • The current state of ESG
  • ESG metrics
  • ESG technology