Board Evaluations Technology Buyer's Guide

Lakshna Rathod

How to Choose the Optimal Solution for Director, Executive and Board Committee Evaluations

The pressures of the modern day board director are endless. As such, the demands to continuously evolve and expand director skill-sets is paramount, especially in times when your board is under scrutiny from shareholders or investors. In recent years, directors have expressed a record level of dissatisfaction with their peers, been pressured to create more diversity and recommended to improve upon their existing practices. The only way boards can do this effectively is with the right board evaluation technology. Legacy solutions have proven to be risky and ineffective. Instead, best in breed organizations are looking for the right solution to overcome shortcomings and create an environment where boards can effectively collect the right insights and analytics to affect change.

This board evaluations technology buyer's guide breaks the process into 3 primary areas of focus:
  • Meeting organizational optimization and governance demands
  • Meeting security demands
  • Meeting user demands

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