Everything You Need to Know About SFDR Disclosures

Ross Pounds
1 min read
What exactly is SFDR? That's a question we address more directly in this blog post but, in brief, SFDR stands for Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. Recently implemented by the EU, SFDR requires investment companies to report on the sustainability of the companies in which they are invested.

The regulation affects all financial market participants (FMPs) and financial advisors who operate their businesses in the EU, with new guidelines and requirements about what sustainability disclosures investment organizations will need to make about the companies in their portfolios.

Or, to put it more simply, SFDR is an EU-wide attempt to promote sustainability in the financial system. In this infographic, we lay out everything you need to know.

For more on how to prepare for SFDR disclosure, download our SFDR checklist now.
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