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Secure Messaging Tools

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What Are Secure Messaging Tools?

One of the best ways for boards of directors, administrators and executive teams to safely communicate with each other is by using secure messaging tools. With this technology, board’s can mitigate security concerns, save time and money and be more efficient. Boards should not only be looking for ways to secure board procedures, but should also look for ways to cut out technologies that open them up to external threats.

If data isn’t properly encrypted, a hack can expose this information to the world, threatening compliance, reputation and share/stock prices. An email address error can leak confidential data—with potentially catastrophic legal repercussions for the organization and directors themselves. Even the savviest directors may be vulnerable to a sophisticated password hack or phishing attack. Secure messaging tools have risen as a way to easily keep board-level information secure beyond the walls of the boardroom.



Securing Boardroom Communication

How can directors fulfill their increasingly complex and collaborative fiduciary responsibilities without putting valuable data, the organization and themselves to risk? Securing boardroom communication should be the number one concern for boards as we continue to move further into the digital age. Through the right secure messaging tools, your board can achieve the best of both worlds in an environment that fosters real-time and seamless collaboration that is also backed by security and simplicity.

Secure communication is paramount to the success of a modern board of directors looking to do business at any scale – whether an international business or a non-profit organization. With the requirements of real-time communication and the ever-growing risk of cybersecurity, the need for secure digital communication in the boardroom has never been more important. Crises and incidents happen in real time and in order for directors and executives to stay current in a constantly changing business ecosystem, the right secure messaging tools are a requirement. In fact, many countries across the globe are passing legislation to hold board members fiscally and personally responsible for any gaffs in communication that they are responsible for i.e. using personal email for board matters, improperly securing devices with board related materials on them, etc.



The Right Secure Messaging Tools for the Boardroom

The right solution must meet the highest international standards, including industry-specific ones like HIPAA, using industry best practices for data encryption, controlling system access and dealing with compromised devices. The secure messaging tool that your board selects must integrate seamlessly with other board applications and be hassle-free for the IT department. The right secure messaging tool will integrate across systems, allow you to securely send and attach files and control who can access what. Additionally, the right messaging tool will have proper controls so that those who should not be accessing private materials will not be able to.






Table of Contents