MG100 Spotlight: Jay Joynes, Compliance Program Manager, CRICO

Lena Eisenstein
3 min read

Jay Joynes, Compliance Program Manager, CRICO, is being recognized by Diligent’s Modern Governance 100 program. The Modern Governance 100 is a community of governance professionals who have been nominated for their innovation, resilience, dedication and empathy in the face of a complex and ever-changing world.

When Jay Joynes arrived at CRICO, the company was using a legacy process for board books that combined physical copies, encrypted PDFs and FTP sharing to disseminate. Aside from being a hefty time commitment, the old process also fell short of meeting security and compliance expectations. Joynes saw this as an opportunity to innovate.

“Jay is a progressive thinker around the application of technology to our board operations,” said nominator Luke Sato, SVP & Chief Medical Officer, CRICO. “He is innovative and extremely forward thinking in this area. Because of his commitment to efficiency, we have been moving forward rapidly.”

Fast forward to today, and Joynes runs a well-oiled governance machine. All sensitive board documents have been digitized, centralized and secured. He has effectively shifted the culture of the board to value both innovation and security, while keeping an eye on the quickening pace of today’s business landscape:

“We need to make sure that the information we’re sharing is exactly what needs to be seen at the time the discussions are happening,” said Joynes.

How Joynes Uses Diligent

  • Central repository and collaborative space for agendas, committee groups, annotations, board decks, documents, discussions, evaluations, questionnaires and meeting minutes
  • Virtual meeting management and secure dissemination of meeting materials and video conference links
  • Adherence to strict compliance and document retention practices with easy access to historical supporting information across archived documents and meeting minutes

Now a Diligent customer since 2015, Joynes reflects on what modern governance means in today’s fast-paced environment:

“For me, modern governance is a multi-pronged system…It really is largely information based, having a good control over the information that’s being shared, and also ensuring that the information is being maximized in its distribution, its accuracy and, overall, its security. Modern governance really deals with the fact that the industries in the world are changing. They’re expanding.”

Joynes’ perspective on modern governance is supported by his board, his team members and his organization at large. They recognize the need for a technology provider that can be a partner in governance, something they’ve found with Diligent. “Within the concept of modern governance, everybody really has an innovative way of looking at things,” Joynes said. “And I think everybody in the room has a lot of strong faith in Diligent, its products, its concepts and really everything it’s brought to our organizations.”

About the Nominee

Jay Joynes has served in several positions in the healthcare administration field, including patient safety, finance, operations and corporate compliance. Jay studied music education at Wilkes University as well as business administration at the University of Massachusetts. Jay currently sits on the Board of Directors for AIDS Care Ocean State and has also sat on boards for MassOpera and Boston Gay Men’s Chorus. Over the past 10 years, Jay has led initiatives to incorporate Lean Six Sigma, Diversity & Inclusion, and Strategic Planning training and practices in multiple nonprofit spaces throughout New England.


CRICO is a leader in medical professional liability (MPL) with decades of experience protecting the Harvard medical community’s clinicians and organizations. The CRICO board of directors comprises 40 directors who are committed to the CRICO mission of protecting providers and promoting safety.