Diligent Insights for CISOs

As many CISOs know, it can be challenging to effectively convey cybersecurity strategies when the audience is largely non-technical. Yet clear communication between the CISO and the board can mean the difference between fighting for the attention of unengaged directors and getting your security budget approved.


Diligent Insights for CISOs equips CISOs with tools to bridge the gap between the board and cybersecurity. CISOs looking to better communicate security concepts in business terms can benefit from the customizable board reporting templates, messaging guides and other tools in Diligent Insights for CISOs

Cybersecurity & Geopolitics: Is Your Board Ready?
In this webinar, the panel discusses the board's role in effectively addressing cyber risk amid evolving geopolitical complexities.
Moving from Checkers to Chess: Cyber Tips for Today’s Boards
In a recent webinar, Diligent convened an expert panel to weigh in on the escalating importance of cybersecurity. Here, you can read the highlights.
Guide to productive cybersecurity conversations with the board for CISOs
To ensure all parties are aligned, CISOs need to explain risks and mitigation strategies in business terms for the board.
Building an Effective Dialogue with the Board on Cyber Risk
How can CISOs both ensure accurate aggregation of data and present a consolidated storyline in short order to the board that provides them the assurances they need? Watch this webinar to learn more.
CISO Cyber Risk Guide
In this checklist, find tips and guidance for more effective communication with the board about cyber risk.
Cyber Risk Reporting Template Feature
This template covers all bases when it comes to cyber risk reporting and outlines how the reporting process should look for you and your organization.
Voices from the Boardroom: The Director’s Role in Driving Digital Resilience
Active board members — current or former CIOs and information security executives — discuss the importance of building digital resilience.
Messaging guide for CISOs
See how CISOs can explain cybersecurity matters to the board concisely, decisively and in terms of their business impact.
In this podcast, cyber expert Nick Shevelyov addresses cyber risk theories and how organizations can navigate the digital landscape ahead.