15 Questions to Ask your Conflict of Interest (COI) Provider

Kezia Farnham
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Below is a list of critical questions you should ask to help guide the selection process for your organization’s conflict of interest (COI) software. We created this list after many of our current clients came to us frustrated with a ‘homegrown’ COI solution but didn’t know where to start regarding questions to ask potential providers. Although each of our clients is unique, the goal is always the same; a more robust, more straightforward process for managing their COI process.

Question 1

Who owns my data? If I leave, am I charged to extract my data?

Question 2

Can we self-administer our forms, or does this require vendor intervention or charges?

Question 3

Does your system provide automatic and configurable reminders and notifications?

Question 4

 Will our employee responses carry forward year over year?

Question 5

Does your solution provide configurable workflows for routing, multiple reviewers, escalation, etc.?

Question 6

Does your system have automatic reminder notifications?

Question 7

Can we create custom reports without requiring vendor intervention or charges?

Question 8

Does your system allow for automated HRIS integration and single sign-on?

Question 9

Is your user interface available in multiple languages?

Question 10

Is your solution audit-ready?

Question 11

Do you have a dedicated client support team? Do you charge extra for support?

Question 12

Are your data centers in compliance with regional data privacy protection laws?

Question 13

Can you provide audited financial statements?

Question 14

Can you list your technology subcontractors?

Question 15

Do you have referenceable clients in our industry?


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