The Board's Role in Overseeing Digital Transformation & IT Leadership

Meghan Day
As organizations navigate today's digital landscape, boards are tackling some thorny questions: How serious are we about digital change? What are we willing to risk

to close the digital chasm? To understand the risks and opportunities that lie ahead, boards must ensure they have digital expertise in the boardroom--and the right CIO, CISO and/or CTO at the helm.

In this episode, Emmet Keeffe, Operating Partner for Insights Venture Partners and board member with various boards, explains how today's directors should be thinking about digital strategy, risk and leadership:

  • What are the biggest boardroom challenges around digital transformation?
  • How can boards ensure their company has good IT leadership?
  • What's the ideal relationship between the board and IT leaders (CIO, CISO, CTO, )?

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