Connecting data, automating processes, and driving greater insights at UnitingCare Queensland


One of Australia’s largest non-profit health, aged care, disability, and community service providers, UnitingCare helps people from all walks of life.

With over 460 locations, the organization needed an enterprise-grade software system that would bring all their risk and assurance related data together so they could increase efficiency and leverage insights from Internal Audit while supporting Management to deliver targeted risk and assurance assessments in real-time.

In order to achieve this, they would need to connect all of the major operating systems within the business—including SAP, AX9, AX12, D365, three timesheet systems, and three clinical governance systems— to aggregate all of their data in a single spot. Hanlie Oosthuizen, Internal Audit Manager and Satchin Rabikissoon, Senior Analyst Risk Systems, were instrumental in making this happen.

Andrew Cooke, General Manager of Risk & Assurance at UnitingCare also wanted a way to manage the more than 400 complex child safety risk assessments across different lines of business. He wanted a way to track the status, the results, and how the risk profile changes over time.

When Andrew first joined UnitingCare, they were already using the desktop version of the HighBond tool. He was familiar with it from his days at PwC, but he saw greater potential within the tool that was not being utilized by the organization