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Boardroom Meeting Minutes

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The Ins and Outs of Boardroom Meeting Minutes


Boardroom meeting minutes are a requirement for board meetings in North America. They are an essential part of any board meeting for capturing the essence of any board meeting issues raised in the meeting and the outcomes of the pain points can be better followed up with cohesive and well organized minutes. Every board is different and therefore, the boardroom meeting minutes process will always be different, however, there are some basic templates that could be followed that can be used as a step-by-step guide to better understand how to organize minutes. Additionally, there are certain processes that can be taken before, during and after a meeting in order to maximize the results of the minutes.

One of the most essential parts of boardroom meeting minutes is to ensure that the chairman of the board and the rest of the meeting participants leave the meeting with a very clear apprehension of what was discussed during the meeting, what the intended outcome is supposed to be and the expectations for the board of directors, especially since the meeting minutes serve as a legal record for every board meeting.



Taking Board Meeting Minutes

Beyond the best practices surrounding boardroom meeting minutes are how board administrators should approach the process to make sure there is a very clear way for the board of directors to vote on the minutes before starting the next board meeting. In today’s complex board environment, everything in the boardroom has been made easier with the introduction of technology. One of the facets most enhanced by this is the minutes process. With board portals, which now have built in software to better take, track and vote on meeting minutes, the pain points for a corporate secretary can be eliminated in order to streamline the process, especially for those admins who are still taking notes longhand to have to transcribe and then append them to the next board book. After all, why shouldn’t every board look to improve upon their current practices and utilize best practice standards that are being used in global boardrooms.


Board Meeting Minutes Template: Step By Step Guide

By using a template for board meeting minutes, your board administrator can better understand how meeting minutes should be put together in order to get the best possible output from every meeting.


How To Take Better Board Meeting Minutes

Taking board meeting minutes may seem like a straightforward process and for the most part, it is. However, there are certain methods to take the best possible minutes, which is especially important because the minutes serve as the legal record for every board meeting and without a clear and concise format, you could open your board up to some legal risk.



Board Meeting Minutes: Before, During and After a Board Meeting

Preparing for boardroom meeting minutes is a time-consuming process for the board administrator. The critical nature of their role and boardroom meeting minutes makes it essential for all minutes to be accurate because they are a legal and official record of the board meeting and the action items. The bulk of the responsibility for taking the minutes during a meeting falls on the corporate secretary, but also falls on board members to properly review and make sure that they are an accurate representation. A checklist during and after a board meeting will help a board administrator ensure that the meetings are as accurate as possible.



Board Administrator's Responsibilities

The board administrator plays a central role in managing governance for the board of directors and the corporation. They play an even more integral role in the process of recording the minutes of a board meeting. The board administrator works very closely with the chairman of the board to ensure that the minutes from the board are accurate and represent the outcome of every meeting. Because a board administrators duties rely on info from others, without the proper infrastructure and communication methods, getting the required info can be difficult. Additionally, there are several other pain points around taking meeting minutes. With the right technology, these tasks can be streamlined to alleviate stress and frustration.








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