Governance, Risk & Compliance: Tips for Better Board Oversight

Inside Americas Boardrooms
To get a sense for how an organization operates-and what it values-one can look for clues in its governance structure: What do board agendas look like? Where do they spend the most time? Who participates in those meetings? How have they structured their committees? When boards have the right governance infrastructure in place, they can fulfill their fiduciary duties more effectively and efficiently.

In this episode, host TK Kerstetter sits down with Shellye Archambeau, a board member with Verizon Communications, Okta, Roper Technologies, and Nordstrom. Archambeau explains how governance systems and tools can improve board oversight-particularly when it comes to risk and compliance.

  • What does Archambeau say is the #1 misconception when it comes to risk?
  • What kind of processes should underpin risk oversight and compliance?
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