S&P Mid-Cap 400 Boards: Trends in the Boardroom

Inside Americas Boardrooms
It's safe to say that most board and governance surveys are framed around the activities of S&P 500 companies. However, it's also important to look at what's happening in the mid- and small-cap markets, which constitute a large number of listed companies. How do S&P Mid-Cap 400 boards differ from their larger S&P 500 counterparts �- and what obstacles to they face?

In this episode, Ann Yerger, Senior Advisor for Spencer Stuart's North America Board Practice, breaks down Spencer Stuart's Mid-Cap S&P 400 Board Report and the progress of board governance issues in that sector:

  • In which key governance areas are S&P Mid-Cap 400 boards lagging?
  • What takeaways does Yerger draw from the report findings?

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