Board Composition & Diversity Trends in UK Boardrooms

Inside Europe's Boardrooms
Spencer Stuart conducts Board Index surveys in companies across the globe. In the UK, the survey has been running for 25 years and covers a number of areas, ranging from board size and composition to diversity, executive compensation and director tenure. The Board Index survey serves as a benchmark both for changes in boardroom practices and the evolution of governance trends and models year on year.

In this episode, Tessa Bamford, Consultant with Spencer Stuart's UK Board Practice and Non-Executive Director at Ferguson PLC, discusses the results of the 2020 survey �- with a particular focus on diversity and overboarding issues.

  • What trends are worth noting across UK boardrooms �- particularly around diversity?
  • What characteristics and skill sets are in highest demand right now?
  • What gains have been made, if any, by minorities in board and committee leadership positions?

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