Barclays Sees a Bright Future with Diligent

Barclays is a British multinational banking & financial service company headquartered in Canary Wharf, London. With operations in over 50 countries and territories, Barclays’ Board must manage an extremely large network. No one understands the importance of efficient communication at the executive level more than Barclays’ Ross Surace, Senior Technology Partner, Head Office Functions.


Barclays’ Board meetings are led by a Director who relies on the accuracy of Board documents. This means that every document must be reviewed by the Director before any data is presented. When a file is out of place or any document must be amended it wastes valuable time, time that can be used to fully explain vital information. Barclays needed a digital solution that offered the freedom of changing documents quickly with intuitive, simple functionality. They set their eyes on Diligent.



Surace remembers when Diligent was first introduced to Barclays that security was their primary concern but since Barclays’ security team worked closely with Diligent he realized how secure the product really is, “Let’s be honest right, we would not be allowed to bring a tool like Diligent into Barclays unless the security was Fort Knox.” Ever since Diligent was introduced to Barclays it became an extremely popular tool for top-level executives, and Surace attributes this popularity to the simple functionality and the time it saves everyone who uses it.



Only 10 people in Barclays used Diligent when it was first integrated, and now over 450 people in Barclays’ organization use it. Surace understands the value of Diligent as something more than just a tool for the office, “the way we look at Diligent, is yes it has removed many, many thousands of pounds of cost from the organization but it’s the experience that has really driven the Director…to make the right decisions.” Surace sees a bright future between Diligent and Barclays and plans on integrating the software in a much broader way throughout the organization.